eBook Wizard

eBook Wizard is a service that allows you to create electronic books, magazines and catalogs of your products for the iPad. With the easy to use content management feature all you need to do is download eBook Wizard, select the template and receive the xCode to compile and load your application into the App Store.

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    Fozium Analytics

    Fozium Analytics is a tool to analyze your software utilization and estimate the efficiency at which it is distributed.
    With the help of Fozium Analytics you can find out how many copies of your software are used worldwide, what version is popular with customers, how long a single user works with your software and much more.

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    eMail Zoom

    eMail Zoom allows you to determine, understand and analyze the statistics of the loyalty of your customers.
    This solution lets you group your readers into useful categories and creates the statistical analysis for you. By keeping a pulse on which people are loyal to you and your products and gaining potential clients, eMail Zoom gives you the ability to create a stronger marketing plan.