Fozium Client Conversion Calculator

Determining your conversion rate to break even or even seeing the potential profits based on your investment or marketing efforts is crucial to begin implementing a plan for your business.
Use our FREE Client Conversion Calculator to see how your marketing efforts are holding up and change it accordingly to manage your efforts. With our CCC you can determine profits based on past results or even set goals for your sales team in seconds.

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    Whois Wallet

    Do you own a domain or many and are worried about losing it?
    Do you use different registrars or have lost domains by forgetting to renew them or partnered with an unscrupulous registrar?
    Then Whois Wallet is for you. Whois Monitor will help you keep track of all your domains in once place even if the domains are registered through different registrars for different individuals or entities.

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    eMail Zoom

    eMail Zoom allows you to determine, understand and analyze the statistics of the loyalty of your customers.
    This solution lets you group your readers into useful categories and creates the statistical analysis for you. By keeping a pulse on which people are loyal to you and your products and gaining potential clients, eMail Zoom gives you the ability to create a stronger marketing plan.