PowerBlind Online

If you are a company that sells, manufactures, or resells blinds then PowerBlind is for you. By combining all stages of productions and sales you create an effective system that almost runs itself. PowerBlind works in real time on a safe and secure network that allows you and all of your employees to manage the information. Export your data into Excel and build reports and charts for your colleagues, supervisors or clients in seconds.

  • PowerPVC Online
    PowerPVC Online

    PowerPVC is an ideal tool necessary for any modern contracting or industrial company. It is a highly effective tool for the calculation of costs for windows. Save up to 90% of time, travel and work when calculating the cost/value of the order and the needs from the manufacturer. Easy to use and offers stability in your work!

  • PowerGlass Online
    PowerGlass Online

    PowerGlass is an online service for the sales and production of glass. It allows you to receive directories of products, components, suppliers, customers, pay-in slips, purchase orders and much more. Effectively manage the business in one single place with PowerGlass Online.